What is SoftSwiss? SoftSwiss Explained.

Last Updated on October 26, 2023

SoftSwiss is a leading iGaming company that offers a range of services and solutions for online casinos. Established in 2008, the company initially started as an online auction software developer. Over the years, SoftSwiss evolved to become a prominent figure in the online gambling industry, providing casino software solutions, game aggregation, sports betting platforms, and cryptocurrency-friendly casinos. Their platform supports multiple languages and currencies, ensuring a global reach.


What are the primary offerings of SoftSwiss in the iGaming industry?

SoftSwiss provides a comprehensive online casino platform, a game aggregator with thousands of casino games from various providers, a sportsbook platform, and a cryptocurrency-focused casino solution. They also offer additional services like fraud prevention and financial infrastructure.

How does SoftSwiss support cryptocurrency operations in online casinos?

SoftSwiss was among the pioneers to introduce Bitcoin as a payment method for online casinos. Today, their platform supports multiple cryptocurrencies, providing secure transactions, crypto-to-fiat exchanges, and ensuring regulatory compliance for operators.

Is the SoftSwiss platform customizable for individual casino operators?

Yes, SoftSwiss offers a white-label solution that allows operators to customize their online casinos in terms of branding, design, games, and other specific features. This enables operators to maintain a unique identity while leveraging SoftSwiss’s robust infrastructure.

How does SoftSwiss ensure fairness and security in their platform?

SoftSwiss integrates provably fair algorithms into their platform, allowing players to verify the fairness of the games. Additionally, they employ high-standard encryption techniques and work in compliance with international iGaming regulations to ensure the safety of user data and transactions.

Which game providers can be found on the SoftSwiss Game Aggregator?

The SoftSwiss Game Aggregator boasts games from numerous top-tier providers, including but not limited to NetEnt, Microgaming, BetSoft, Evolution Gaming, and Pragmatic Play. The aggregator allows operators to access a vast range of games with a single integration.

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Rahul Bhatia

Rahul Bhatia

Rahul Bhatia

Rahul Bhatia

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