What is Scorecast Betting? Scorecast Betting Explained.

Last Updated on October 26, 2023

Scorecast betting is a type of wager in sports betting, particularly in soccer, where the bettor aims to predict both the first goalscorer and the correct score of the match. It’s a combination of two bets in one and both parts of the bet must be correct for the wager to win. Given the difficulty of accurately predicting both outcomes, scorecast betting typically offers higher odds and thus, higher potential payouts.


How is Scorecast Betting different from Wincast Betting?

While Scorecast Betting requires the bettor to predict both the first goalscorer and the correct score of the match, Wincast Betting requires the prediction of a player to score at any time and the match’s outcome (win, lose, or draw).

What happens to my Scorecast bet if my chosen first goalscorer doesn’t start the match?

In most betting platforms, if the selected goalscorer doesn’t take part in the match or comes in after the first goal is scored, the bet typically defaults to a single bet on the correct scoreline.

Are there any strategies to increase the chances of winning a Scorecast bet?

While Scorecast betting is challenging due to its specific nature, bettors often study team and player statistics, recent performances, and historical matchups. Knowing the scoring habits of particular players and the typical scorelines for certain teams can provide a better-informed decision.

Why are the odds so high for Scorecast bets?

The odds for Scorecast bets are higher because predicting both the first goalscorer and the exact scoreline is quite challenging. The combined improbability of both events occurring as predicted justifies the higher odds.

Can I place a Scorecast bet in live in-play betting?

Typically, Scorecast bets are placed before a match starts. Once the match is underway and the first goal is scored, the Scorecast bet usually becomes void or gets adjusted depending on the betting platform’s rules. However, some bookmakers might offer modified versions during in-play betting.

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Rahul Bhatia

Rahul Bhatia

Rahul Bhatia

Rahul Bhatia

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