What is Provably Fair Gaming? Provably Fair Gaming Explained.

Last Updated on October 28, 2023

Provably Fair Gaming refers to online casino and gaming platforms that use cryptographic algorithms to provide verifiable proof of game fairness to players. This ensures that each game’s outcome, whether it’s a roll of dice, a hand of cards, or a spin of a slot, is genuinely random and hasn’t been manipulated by the platform. Players can personally verify each game’s outcome through provided data, ensuring that the results align with the declared outcomes and weren’t tampered with after the fact.


How does the Provably Fair system work in online gaming?

In a typical scenario, before a game starts, the server generates a secret random seed and a hash of it. This hash is sent to the player. The player then sends back a random seed from their side. Both seeds are then used (often combined) to determine the game’s result. After the game ends, the server reveals its seed, allowing the player to verify the game’s fairness.

Why is Provably Fair Gaming important in the world of online casinos?

Trustworthiness is a significant concern in online gaming. Provably Fair Gaming gives players confidence that they aren’t being cheated and that each game’s outcome is genuinely random.

Is Provably Fair Gaming limited to cryptocurrency casinos?

While the concept of Provably Fair Gaming first became popular with cryptocurrency casinos due to the inherent transparency and cryptographic nature of blockchain, its principles are now being adopted by more mainstream online gaming platforms.

How can players ensure that a platform is genuinely offering Provably Fair games?

Platforms should provide a mechanism for players to verify game outcomes using the seeds and hashes mentioned earlier. Players can use these to confirm the integrity of each game. Furthermore, reputable platforms often have detailed explanations or third-party audits that verify their provably fair claims.

Does Provably Fair Gaming guarantee a win for players?

No, it doesn’t guarantee a win. Instead, it guarantees that the game’s outcome is random and hasn’t been tampered with, ensuring players have a fair chance to win based on the game’s inherent odds.

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Rahul Bhatia

Rahul Bhatia

Rahul Bhatia

Rahul Bhatia

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