What is a Bonus Wagering Requirement? Bonus Wagering Requirement Explained

Last Updated on October 21, 2023

A Bonus Wagering Requirement, often simply termed as “wagering requirement,” is a condition set by online casinos or betting sites related to bonuses they offer. It represents the number of times a player must play through the bonus amount (or sometimes bonus plus deposit amount) before being allowed to withdraw winnings derived from the bonus. Wagering requirements are mechanisms employed by gambling platforms to ensure that players don’t just claim a bonus and cash it out immediately, thereby protecting the casino’s interests.


Why do online casinos have wagering requirements?

Online casinos offer bonuses as incentives to attract players and encourage gameplay. However, without wagering requirements, players could simply claim the bonus and immediately withdraw it without playing, leading to potential losses for the casino. Thus, wagering requirements ensure players use the bonus for its intended purpose: to play games on the platform.

How is a wagering requirement typically expressed?

A wagering requirement is often represented as a multiplier. For instance, if an online casino offers a $100 bonus with a 10x wagering requirement, it means the player needs to place bets totaling $1,000 (10 times the bonus amount) before they can withdraw any winnings derived from that bonus.

Do all casino games contribute equally to the wagering requirement?

No, not always. Casinos often weight different games differently when it comes to meeting the wagering requirement. For example, slots might contribute 100% to the requirement, while table games like blackjack may only contribute 10%. It’s vital to check the casino’s terms and conditions to understand how different games contribute.

What happens if I try to withdraw my winnings before meeting the wagering requirement?

If a player attempts to withdraw winnings from a bonus before meeting the associated wagering requirement, the bonus and any winnings derived from it are typically forfeited. However, players can usually withdraw funds that are not tied to a bonus at any time.

Are wagering requirements standard across all online casinos?

No, wagering requirements can vary widely between different online casinos and even between different promotions within the same casino. It’s crucial for players to read the terms and conditions of each bonus offer to understand its specific requirements.

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