Welcome to Fortunekingz.com, your premier destination for a fair, transparent, and exciting online Polygon Casino experience. Established with a vision to reshape online gaming, we pride ourselves on bringing trust and fairness to the world of online gambling. Our commitment is to ensure every game you play is provably fair, leveraging the power of cutting-edge blockchain technology.

As a Polygon Casino, we offer an array of casino games, all operating with a robust, cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generation algorithm. Our system is tamper-proof and ensures an absolute level playing field for all players. This technology employs a combination of a client-selected seed and our server seed, making it impossible for either party to manipulate the game’s outcome.

Our Algorithm

Transparency and integrity are paramount to us. Hence, we openly disclose the server seed hash before each game round to allow you to verify the fairness of each game. Furthermore, to prevent any potential preimage attacks, our system regularly changes the server seed hash.

We use the following script to generate the game result:

result_hash = createHmac(‘SHA256’,[client_seed+trx_id.substring(trx_id.length-10)]).update([server_seed]) .digest(‘hex’); result_number = (parseInt(result_hash.substring(0,10),16)%100) + 1

How to Play

Playing at Fortunekingz.com is straightforward and easy. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Install MetaMask: Our platform utilizes the MetaMask browser extension, a popular choice for managing and executing Polygon operations.
  • Set Up Your Polygon Account: Configure your Polygon account in the MetaMask extension. It’s easy and user-friendly!
  • Place Your Bet: You can bet any amount between 0.1 and 400 MATIC.
  • Choose Your Number: Select any number from 2 to 95 to roll your dice.
  • Win the Game: You win if the rolled dice number is less than the number you chose.

And that’s it! Good luck! Your winnings will be instantly transferred to your account upon winning.

At Fortunekingz.com, we are dedicated to creating a fun, fair, and rewarding gaming experience for our users. We welcome you to enjoy our games and wish you the best of luck. Roll the dice, chase the thrill, and maybe, just maybe, fortune will smile upon you today!